Atlanta Petbook is a non-profit small organization that provides assistance to needy Pet Owners with financial hardships or low income. Atlanta Petbook is currently exclusive to those in the state of Georgia and was founded in 2009. They are dedicated to providing assistance with expensive Veterinarian cost, Pet Meds, costly surgeries, vaccines and much more. When families fall on tough times, temporary or long term, Atlanta Petbook is there to help.

Currently, the organization needs funding. They are dedicated to sustaining the lives of pets and work closely with veterinarians that provide care all over the state of Georgia. Pet Owners can get assistance for routine medical care, grooming services, donated food items and more. Families with pets that have cancer or injuries have a realistic chance for a positive outcome with the right medical care. Atlanta Petbook is currently closed to new applications due to the high volume of requests this Summer of 2016.

Resources are currently depleted and need replenishing.

For any donations of Pet Supplies or for info on when applications may re-open, feel free to email :

They also except donations via Paypal at the email above. 

You may also visit